The woods



On the road again

platanenheinI’m packing again… or trying to avoid packing at the moment… but, yeah, I’m packing again! Back to Germany. New flat… new job…

I’m thinking of the things that I enjoyed and will be able to do again, like riding a bike and eating Turkish food. Or even better, eating Portuguese food, now that I found a Portuguese shop in town!!!

If you don’t know much about Germany, there’s a funny and interesting post on “what I know about the Germans” by Liv Hambrett. Most of observations are kind (26), some are spot on (99), and some might be region specific (139).

I am also looking forward to dusting my cameras…so stay tuned. Meanwhile check out my Mini Guide to Darmstadt.

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yummy sunday

This time on yummy sunday I’m sharing a tasty discovery: MANTI (Ravioli of Turkey)

These are very small meat-filled pockets of yummyness. Trust me you will love them! I have not made them myself but if you feel brave you can find the recipe here; or if you happen to be in Darmstadt you can visit Cafe Padishah – they will make them fresh just for you!


Turkish Manti





Cafe culture

Germany is all about Cafe culture. Just sitting around drinking coffee and eating cake… there could be worse things then that! Today I’ll join the locals and will sit around and have coffee and cake…

Also, on a kind of related note, I have put together a mini guide to Darmstadt, check it out here.

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂

The power is up…

My commute to work is shorter now, which is nice on the one hand, but on the other hand I don’t really have time to read or do anything interesting…

This week I noticed how cool all the power cables on my commuting route actually are. In the UK the power is on the train tracks, and in winter the train schedules always get affected if the tracks get too cold or too wet, here the power is up, so I am hoping there will be less drama in winter….

How do you get to work? Do you have to commute too?


be afraid…be very afraid…

Only joking!!! no need to be afraid its only an old castle….

Only 5 km from Darmstadt there’s the world famous Burg Frankenstein, that may have inspired Mary Shelley’s book. I, of course, read the book in my teens when I was going through a pseudo goth phase, and was fascinated by all things dark and scary… Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, like the original Bram Stoker’s Dracula, were however really disappointing! they were not scary at all, and actually really boring to read.

Anyway, the castle it’s an interesting day trip if you’re in the area. The other cool thing is that the city of Darmstadt holds their civil service ceremonies in the castle’s small chapel – this is definitely a cool place to get married…