Would you…

Would you open your house to showcase your art? This month there’s the annual Artist’s Open House event in Brighton, together with the Brighton Festival and the sun this makes Brighton a great place to visit in May.

I have only visited a couple of Artist’s Open Houses in the past, but I find this a great idea, it gives artists an opportunity to showcase their art without having to rely on galleries’ tastes, schedules etc… However, I ask myself this question: Would I open my house (i.e. very small flat) to show my art? I am not sure… it seems like you are showing more than your art, it’s also your life, all your personal belongings… Somehow that makes me uncomfortable. Would you do it? I still think it’s great and I hope it will carry on happening every year.

So, the Brighton Festival is also on. To be honest, I think there should be more free events related to the festival. This is also a good way of engaging people that are otherwise not interested in art or cultural events. But, ok, there are a few things happening for free. I really wanted to see PLANS – see photo – I am sad I missed it.

Brighton Festival

Text and Photo: ww.brightonfestival.org

World Premiere

Co-programmed in partnership with South East Dance

Amidst the bustle of Brighton Station, the city’s first contemporary dance company for men and women over 60 performs a specially commissioned work choreographed by James Finnemore, a former member of Hofesh Shechter Company. Although many members of Three Score Dance Company have no formal dance training, their wealth of experience brings a unique edge to their work.