Weekend Mixtape

Inspired by my visit to Denmark, here’s some Sandinavian sound…



Also El Perro del Mar _ God Knows




Aarhus and the women’s museum

KvindemuseetI went to Aarhus. It would have been a pleasant trip if it wasn’t for the many hours waiting for the connection flights. Although it was very cold, this was a nice place to walk around and watch the (some very stylish) locals going about their lives.

I found this cafe with really nice bread and cinnamon rolls. I had some pretty good breakfasts there.

More interestingly, Aarhus has a few good museums. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go to the modern art museum – ARos. They also have a museum for Women – Kvindemuseet. That really confused me, why do we need a museum for Women? This one is even more specific, since it’s dedicated to the women of Denmark. I am not sure what to make of this…. My first instinct is to think that a culture that needs to have a dedicated museum to celebrate the achievements of women, is because they might not be celebrated otherwise… I hope I’m wrong! They do have a brilliant poster!

Here more picture of the cold yet sunny Aarhus.