South of Sweden … pleasant enough, but …

To all the Scandinavian lovers out there – I am sorry… but there is something a bit dull about the south of Sweden – I mean, I have also joined the Scandinavian fever. I have watched all the Danish and Swedish crime series (my favourite – “Broen” or “the bridge“), I also really like Scandinavian design, but if I’m honest I didn’t find the south of Sweden very exciting.

So a couple of years ago we visited the posh areas around Malmö. I got the feeling this was where the well-off people go on their summer holiday. The houses are beautifully groomed, they all have a massive pole with the Swedish flag in their well manicured gardens – I guess just in case you’ve forgotten you were in Sweden. The sea is flat and with a brownish/blackish tint to it. We were considering going for a skinny dip, good thing we didn’t! The sea is really shallow for a few 100 meters – we would be showing our naked bums for a long time! There were lots of shrimps tickling your legs – that was cool.

We stayed in a lovely B&B (Malens Strandpensionat) in Båstad. I really recommend it, beautiful house. The landlady was really friendly and really into Emmerdale (an English soap), she was desperate to discuss all the plot’s details with us for breakfast – even though we have never watched it and don’t know anything about it…




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