Which sardine are you?

Lisbon will have its annual “town” party (Festas de Lisboa) in June, and as part of this the event the organizers posed this bizarre question to the creative minds of Lisbon: Which Sardine are you? They come up with some interesting answers, see the winners below.



Caldo Verde, is cabbage soup. You normally get chouriço in it – hence the two chouriço heads 😉


Quiosque is a kiosk 😉 there are lots of them in Lisbon.


This one is very Portuguese – it’s supposed to be an orchestra of sardines playing their own requiem.


This one is a play on an old Portuguese tooth paste – because everyone’s breath will be smelling of sardines by the end of the party.


There are always lots of live music, street DJs and dancing opportunities – so put on your best dancing shoes!




summer, sun, swimming…

If you’re looking for a nice place for a short European break, head to Lisbon – June is a great time to go. Lots of free events and lots of partying going on. Check out Journey Around the Globe for more touristy info.

Ah! Maybe you’re wondering what is this sardine stuff all about. See some of my previous posts on Portugal and the love of sardines and fun facts about Portugal.


Any questions, suggestions or nice words?

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