Some of my favourite portraits:
B&W_film4 Diana16 B&W_film13 Di-B&W3 B&W_film8 B&W_film5

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Midweek Inspiration

This week I am inspired by Bianca Giaever who created a video about a truly amazing little girl who tells a story about being scared, an Asa bear and Toby the mouse.

I quote from the video:

The scared is scared

“…Ok… I’m fine… I usually just think of something I really like to do… just think of something else until the nervous is gone out of you… when the scared feeling comes into you, the scared is scared of things you like. So, I was scared of a monster and I thought of pizza and juice and some meringues and a cookie….”

Next time I’m scared I will try to think of things I like: puppies, nutella cookies, a warm summers night, the smell of the sea… what kind of things would you think of next time you’re scared?


Midweek Inspiration

Great photos by © LaNola Stone and for a good cause – love it… here’s what she says:

The concept was to make “fashionesque images” of the longest in residence at the dog pound near my home (some dogs had been there over six months). I specifically asked for the dogs that were the “least likely to be adopted” and took their portraits to represent them with personality, youth and “edge” in order to aid their adoption. All the dogs pictured here were adopted.

LaNola Stone_1

LaNola StoneLaNola Stone_2LaNola Stone_3