The book that my mum wrote…

Yesterday was my mother’s book launch.

It is her first book. A small novel, a story about reinventing your life, and impossible love. It’s cool and I am really happy for her.

The book launch was very successful and there was even a small tear in the corner of everyone’s eye. My dad organise everything, he was really proud of her. I am really proud of both of them! ♥

Unfortunately to those of you who can’t read Portuguese, you’ll have to wait until the translated versions come out, which, I am sure, will be really soon. If you do read Portuguese (this includes Brazilian Portuguese, of course! Since the book is also published in Brazil), watch out for this book – “no silêncio da noite, o rouxinol disse…” Published by Chiado Editora.

When they were designing the cover I proposed a couple of designs:Capa do livro-estrelas azuis2

capa do livro moderna

Anyway, they didn’t go with any of my suggestions and decided to go with this one:

capa final do livro


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