BBC: Odd Couples – have you seen it?

Well, I was watching a program on the BBC “Odd Couples”. Have you seen it? It’s about animals that become “friends” although until now people thought they should not interact at all. I then thought of this video my dad filmed of our family dog…

…My grandma was raising some chicks at home cause it was too cold for them to be outside, and our dog obviously thought they were now part of the family…My grandma then decided to put them outside on a sunny day, and our dog was so worried that she started gathering them to protect them….and the hen was also a star  – quite relaxed and not scared of having this big dog protecting her little ones…. very cute!!!!



yummy sunday

This time on yummy sunday I’m sharing a tasty discovery: MANTI (Ravioli of Turkey)

These are very small meat-filled pockets of yummyness. Trust me you will love them! I have not made them myself but if you feel brave you can find the recipe here; or if you happen to be in Darmstadt you can visit Cafe Padishah – they will make them fresh just for you!


Turkish Manti





The twisted side of spiral staircases

Germans must love spiral staircases – they’re everywhere!

Although I find them aesthetically pleasing, they are a nightmare in practical terms – trust me I have one at home.

These are just a few spiral staircases I found around Darmstadt. I probably would’ve found more if it wasn’t so cold, and walking around wasn’t so unpleasant.

The book that my mum wrote…

Yesterday was my mother’s book launch.

It is her first book. A small novel, a story about reinventing your life, and impossible love. It’s cool and I am really happy for her.

The book launch was very successful and there was even a small tear in the corner of everyone’s eye. My dad organise everything, he was really proud of her. I am really proud of both of them! ♥

Unfortunately to those of you who can’t read Portuguese, you’ll have to wait until the translated versions come out, which, I am sure, will be really soon. If you do read Portuguese (this includes Brazilian Portuguese, of course! Since the book is also published in Brazil), watch out for this book – “no silêncio da noite, o rouxinol disse…” Published by Chiado Editora.

When they were designing the cover I proposed a couple of designs:Capa do livro-estrelas azuis2

capa do livro moderna

Anyway, they didn’t go with any of my suggestions and decided to go with this one:

capa final do livro