Weekend plans and panoramic views

panorama - holga1- Brazil

Some time ago I was obsessed with trying to take pictures that could be put together as a panoramic photo. Some of them turned out ok (what do you think?)! I then gave up on this idea….. but this week I was thinking I should play around with this a bit more.panorama polaroid - Brazil

So, my plan for this weekend is to find the perfect panoramic view in the area. The question is: will I be able to find it?…. I’ll let you know…

Do you have plans for your weekend too?


be afraid…be very afraid…

Only joking!!! no need to be afraid its only an old castle….

Only 5 km from Darmstadt there’s the world famous Burg Frankenstein, that may have inspired Mary Shelley’s book. I, of course, read the book in my teens when I was going through a pseudo goth phase, and was fascinated by all things dark and scary… Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, like the original Bram Stoker’s Dracula, were however really disappointing! they were not scary at all, and actually really boring to read.

Anyway, the castle it’s an interesting day trip if you’re in the area. The other cool thing is that the city of Darmstadt holds their civil service ceremonies in the castle’s small chapel – this is definitely a cool place to get married…

Warm London & Sunny Brighton

brighton Action lomo

Just returned from a very short trip to Lovely London and Cool Brighton.

The things I miss about London and Brighton:

1. My lovely, lovely, lovely friends. There’s nothing better than a hug from a friend. Thank you for all the hugs. 🙂

2. The incredible choice of good food. I had Lunch at a Vietnamese place in Camden, it was amazing!

3. The posh crisps.

4. The sea.

5. Brighton.

6. London….

Better start planing the next visit!