Mix it up!

Somalian girls

My plans for today were quite boring! Initially, I wanted to go to the flea market in Frankfurt, but then realised I had to go shopping for formal clothing for a meeting on Monday. I thought my Saturday was ruined … But as I arrived in town, I started noticing some really attractive spicy smells coming from the pedestrianised area … What a wonderful surprise! There was lots of food booths and lots of lovely multicultural faces around!

This was international Darmstadt day! (or something like that) It was great! Lots of really nice food, everyone was in a good mood dancing to the exotic sounds from China, India, Africa, Russia…

After living in London for so long, I can really appreciate how great it is to have all these different cultures mixed up in one pot. I mean, what would England be without Indian Curry and Germany without Döner Kebab?!!! 🙂


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