Family dog

She’s beautiful!


4 thoughts on “Family dog

    • thanks! she is my favourite photo model. I’m definitely up for marrying them, she might a bit older than yours – she’s 10 years-old – will he be into an experienced and mature lady?

      • Oliver would be more than happy to marry a mature lady-dog, however, he’s three so he might drive her insane. She’s much bigger than him though, so if he gets out of line I feel like she could definitely lay down the law and put him in his place. In no time at all I think Oliver would become a more polite dog. LOL

      • yeah…she might have problems keeping up with a young dude’s life style 😉 i think she is in that phase of “if I do too much, everything hurts the next day” kind of phase – the poor thing struggles if we go for a long walk on the beach. But I’ll definitely mention it to her…. Ah! if only she was 3 again…. 😀

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